Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a company called AG’s Candy who created scrumptious treats. One day they decided to put together an amazing new treat full of chocolate & milk creams, crispy mini biscuits and a surprise toy for all to find and enjoy! AG’s Candy took all the yummiest ingredients from the land and created Mr Egg and Mrs Egg and that is how we came to be! We lived happily ever after with all our surprises, waiting for someone to come and find us!

Our Mission

Bringing a quality yummy treat with fun surprise toys that  can be  built, shared and played with.


We source all our ingredients with care for our surprise egg treats to ensure we are providing only quality.

Our Ingredients

Learn more about our quality products and how we get our yummy products to you.


We place all our passion in every single Mr & Mrs Egg from the content of the treat to the details on every toy!